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Belonging to our own life

In her 1975 book The Continuum Concept ethnographer and therapist Jean Liedloff wrote:

“After an interval of not seeing clients I noticed something curious about normal, neurotic adults: what we were experiencing was not a variety of ‘problems’ at all, but rather the very same diffıculty. Although the details and degrees of damage differed, the malady was the same. It manifested as a deep sense of being wrong—of being not good enough, not lovable, disappointing, incompetent, insignifıcant, undeserving, inadequate, evil, bad, or in some other way not ‘right’. What’s more, this feeling of wrongness had come about almost always through early interactions with parental authority figures. And it had evoked powerful unconscious beliefs that have informed our views of both self and self-in-relation-to-other.

“Upon coming to this realization, I searched for words to describe how human beings would have to feel about themselves in order to live optimally, to feel at home in their own skins and represent themselves accurately to others. I thought of the Yequana people, and arrived at the words worthy and welcome. People need to feel worthy and welcome, not bent out of shape, angry, or apologetic about their existence.”

We’ll be exploring what it means to feel at home in the world and how to recover this feeling.

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The Chocolate Museum
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