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Discover the joy of being your own best friend

Do you find it difficult to like yourself? Are you nagged by an inner critical voice? Have you sometimes felt like an impostor? If you’ve ever wished you were someone else, this evening could be for you.

These days we all struggle with self-acceptance. After all, we grew up in societies where it was frowned upon to tell kids they were lovable and worthwhile just for being themselves. So it’s not surprising that, as adults, we find it so difficult to say this to ourselves. We were taught we had to do something, to be something, to deserve approval. But how can I like myself if I never really felt up to the mark? And if I won’t tell myself I’m good enough, who will?

Yet we’re all capable of becoming our own best friend. This is what we’re going to explore. We’re going to try out some simple, practical ways to feel better about ourselves. And to discover how to meet our own needs for love, recognition and kindness, so we’re not so dependent on others. Because the me we’d rather not be is the only person who has been totally here for us, in good times and bad. We know ourselves more intimately than anyone else ever will. So who better to show us the unconditional love we never had?

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Venue: The Chocolate Museum
187 Ferndale Road  brixton
London sw9 8ba

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The Chocolate Museum
187 Ferndale Road, Brixton, London SW9 8BA

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